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I understand, you just searched on Google for the best SEO company in Dehradun, and what’s better than finding our website at the top of the search results? This not only proves how trustworthy our SEO company is but also demonstrates our ability to rank a website on search engines. If we can do it for ourselves, we can surely do it for your business as well.

Know why you should hire an SEO company in Dehradun

In the growing digital marketing world of 2024, Dehradun has embarked on a new journey, with new IT companies and the tourism sector growing at a rapid pace, along with local businesses. Therefore, to make your business stand out in the “School Capital of India,” Dehradun, choosing an authoritative SEO company should be your first priority.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help your business website rank on the first page of Google search results, increasing the visibility of your Dehradun-based business. This enhanced visibility will attract new customers to your store and service center.

Best Result Oriented SEO Services In Dehradun

1) On Page SEO

If you are not aware of what on-page SEO means, it involves analyzing the content on a web page and ensuring essential optimizations such as the correct use of titles, content structure, keyword placement, and keyword density across all the pages you have created for your Dehradun local business.

It is one of the most important components that play a crucial role in determining how well your website will rank in Dehradun, India. At Dhruv SEO, Alex Starr, an on-page SEO specialist, will handle this stuff on your site, contributing a step towards achieving top Google rankings for you.

2) Off Page SEO

Every optimization that needs to be taken care of outside of your web page, such as analyzing which type of keywords your website should target, analyzing competitors’ strategies to outperform them, and making your business website more SEO-friendly than theirs, and finally, building quality backlinks.

The more effective and strategic our off-page SEO strategy is for you, the less time it will take for your website to rank in your business industry. Therefore, Dhruv SEO highly focuses on delivering the best possible results for our clients in a short amount of time, resulting in quickly obtaining your initial traffic. 

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3) Local SEO Services In Dehradun

Did you know that around 500,000 searches are done daily by the people of Dehradun to seek products, services, and information on Google? Therefore, it would be a mistake not to consider optimizing your business for the local audience in Dehradun, as it holds a large number of potential customers for any local business.

To show your products or services to the local people of Dehradun, we will create a Google My Business profile for your business and optimize it to help you rank in the local map section in Dehradun.

4) International SEO Services In Dehradun

Let’s say you are currently running a service-based business in Dehradun that operates on a global level and has the ability to provide your service in any part of the world. Creating a website alone won’t be enough, as it will not generate any traffic or visitors to your site. 

If you find yourself in this scenario, Dhruv SEO is here to take your business to a global level by optimizing your website for international SEO. By operating from Dehradun, you can attract customers from the USA, UK, Australia, or any other targeted country.

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5) Lead Generation

Consider that you hired an SEO company, and they have followed all the usual actions that so-called SEO experts perform according to their fixed checklist and roadmap. However, what if after 3-4 months, you are only getting 10-20 daily visitors on your website, and none of them are converting into potential leads?

What I am trying to explain is that getting traffic to your business website is one thing, and converting that traffic into leads is another. You might be receiving low-quality visitors who are not interested in your offerings, making the traffic useless for you. 

Dhruv SEO not only provides its clients with high-quality traffic  but also helps convert them into customers by optimizing the structure of your page, call-to-actions, and other various elements.

6) Technical SEO

Sometimes, no matter how much work, optimization, and effort are put into a website to improve its ranking, major technical issues can often hold back its performance. That’s where technical SEO comes in. It involves identifying major errors and fixing them, along with optimizing the website’s speed.

You should always check whether an SEO company in Dehradun can effectively perform technical SEO because, trust me, even if on-page and off-page SEO are done correctly, a lack of work in technical SEO might ruin your SEO campaign’s potential to grow.

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Our Background & Who We Are

SEO Company located in Dehradun.

Hire The Best SEO Company In Dehradun

Dear Business Owners

Dhruv SEO has consistently provided impressive SEO results to its clients, leveraging over seven years of experience in search engine optimization services.

Founded by Dhruv, our company aims to transform the passion for digital marketing into actionable strategies that help business owners, whether small or large, at local, national, and international levels with our tailored SEO services.

Your SEO project will be handled by three other experts along with Dhruv as the leading project manager. The key to our high client satisfaction rate is our team of specialists who excel in their respective fields, raising the quality of our work.

The work of on page seo is handled by Alex Starr, off page is by David Bell whereas the responsibility of writing high quality appealing content is by our content writer expert, Aryan Yadav. 

Why Choose Dhruv SEO Services In Dehradun?

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1) Uplift your online presence in Dehradun

The franchise hub, Dehradun, is currently undergoing rapid growth in education centers, manufacturing, the tourism sector, and other foreign direct investments in the city. Therefore, one thing is for sure: the market for businesses is going to accelerate even further. For that reason, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes crucial to fill the gap in your digital marketing strategy.

"Our SEO services will undoubtedly enhance the visibility of your business website based in Dehradun. However, SEO is a field where one cannot accurately predict the time it will take to see results. Nonetheless, based on the numerous projects we have handled, we are confident in delivering significant results within 3 months. Please note that the time period may vary slightly depending on different businesses.

2) Low Cost, Impressive SEO Results !

Unlike other paid marketing methods such as Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite cost-effective as it doesn't involve paying thousands of dollars to rank for specific keywords in a particular location. The only reason you might pay for SEO services is based on the provider's years of experience, expertise, and ability to drive monthly traffic and leads to a website.

However, nowadays, an average SEO freelancer or company in Dehradun charges between 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees, and some even more than that. At Dhruv SEO, we understand that it's not ideal for you to invest such a huge amount, especially if you are a small or medium-sized business owner and are opting for a digital marketing company in Dehradun for the first time. Therefore, our SEO company in Dehradun is probably the only one whose monthly SEO service package starts from only 20,000 rupees.

our seo agency gives best ROI in dehradun.

3) High Return On Investment

If you are purchasing the 20K INR monthly SEO plan from Dhruv SEO, then we strive to generate more customers for your local business in Dehradun through our SEO techniques. Our ultimate goal is always to provide our clients value for every single penny they spend with us on their SEO campaign.

How do we achieve this? While I can't go into detail here, here's a rough idea. We select high-buying-intent keywords relevant to your business with a significant monthly search volume on Google and aim to rank your website for those keywords.

For instance, if a premium keyword has a monthly volume of around 1000 searches, we may potentially convert 10-30 clients from those 1000 searches. Ultimately it's up to you, how you price your products or services to these potential customers in Dehradun. In the end, Dhruv SEO aims to provide you with customers worth more than the amount you pay us for SEO services.

Start Your Dehradun SEO Campaign In 3 Steps
1) Contact Our SEO Team

We aim to make it extremely simple to onboard you as our client. The first step is to fill out this contact form with your website URL, your name, and a brief comment about your business. Once we receive your submission, it will take us just 15-30 minutes to reach out to you and discuss your SEO project in detail via Zoom call or phone call.

2) Choosing A SEO Plan

The second step is up to you: choosing one of our SEO plans based on your investment budget. Remember, the only difference between our three SEO plans is the amount of time it takes to see results. Choosing the premium package means you can expect to see results a bit earlier than with the basic package. Other than that, the quality of work, experience, and effort will be the same, regardless of which SEO plan you choose.

3) Let Us Know Your Goals

The last thing you need to do before starting your SEO campaign in Dehradun with our company is to let us know your specific goals. Whether you want to increase website traffic, generate leads, establish brand identity, or boost sales within the local areas of Dehradun city, different SEO strategies can achieve different goals.

Without understanding your main objective, it will be difficult for us to proceed effectively. Once you contact us, one of our SEO experts will discuss your goals with you on a call and ensure the optimization of your website begins as soon as possible.

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