learn how you can do SEO for your Divorce Law Firm.

SEO For Divorce Lawyer – A Complete Guide

Today, it has become a significant challenge for business owners and individuals looking to promote their profession effectively online. The multitude of marketing options available often leads to confusion, and many end up choosing strategies that don’t provide a great return on investment for their campaign.

 This challenge is particularly pronounced for law firms, given the staggering number of competitors. With over 11.5k law firms in the region and 13.2k in India alone, standing out from the crowd is no easy feat.

Therefore, Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as ‘SEO,’ is the perfect way to increase visibility for your divorce law firm. It doesn’t require a substantial investment, and it typically provides the highest return on investment compared to other forms of online marketing

Now you may still have some doubts left in your mind about whether you should do SEO for your Divorce law firm or not ! for that to make you understand, just take a look on this below image :

Why do all these divorce attorneys consistently rank at the top of search results in Chicago, and why would they invest their time and money into this?

It’s certainly not just to experiment. They do it deliberately because they recognize the potential of Search Engine Optimization and the value it has consistently provided them.

If you examine the search volume for the keyword ‘Divorce lawyer in Chicago,’ it stands at 1.3k, indicating that approximately 1300 individuals are actively searching each month with the intent of hiring one of the top-ranked attorneys.

The top three positions capture the majority of these 1300 visitors, and it’s reasonable to assume that each of them could be closing a minimum of 5-10 clients every month. Remember, this estimate could potentially be even higher. 

Now, I’m sure you’re ready to increase your website traffic, ultimately leading to closing more clients by implementing our  SEO techniques for your Divorce lawyer profession. 

We understand that you may not have the time or expertise to optimize your lawyer website for SEO on your own. Don't worry at Dhruv SEO, we're here to help you in achieving your goals by getting traffic and converting it into leads

Learn Complete Guide For Divorce Lawyer SEO

1) Ensuring Technical SEO Of The Website

Your preparation for Search Engine Optimization for your Law website should be start from checking all the technical aspect of the site, which mainly includes the following checklist :

SSL makes your lawyer website safe
  • SSL Installation : As a lawyer, you should certainly prioritize the security of your website. An SSL certificate ensures the safety of your visitors’ information and protects your website from potential attacks by viruses or other malicious entities

    If your website is hosted on WordPress, often your hosting provider will include an SSL certificate with your hosting plan. However, if you’re using a different CMS such as Wix, it’s essential to manually add an SSL certificate to your law firm website 

  • Website Speed  : Site speed optimization is indeed crucial for divorce lawyers, as it is for any website. In my experience working with over 200 SEO clients at Dhruv SEO, I’ve observed that many website owners overlook the importance of optimizing their site speed. However, it’s ironic because site speed plays a vital role in achieving higher rankings on Google

To optimize your Law Website speed, you need to reduce unused css and javascript as they make your website delay in loading. 

Another essential step you need to take is to optimizing the size of your images, make sure any image or video you upload on your site should not be more than 150kb, if it is you need to reduce the sizes which you can simply do it by installing a popular plugin called ‘Smush’.

If you execute these two steps properly, your website’s speed will definitely improve, resulting in a healthier SEO practice for your Divorce Lawyer SEO campaign

  • Structure of your website : By ‘website structure,’ I mean that all of your website pages should be organized in a hierarchy so that users and search engines can easily navigate to all of your pages and content. 

 If your website structure is complex, it can lead to a poor user experience, and Google is unlikely to prioritize websites that neglect user experience.

2) Keyword Research For Divorce Lawyer SEO

Do you know why the Burj Khalifa is so strong that even earthquakes can’t be a problem? It’s because of its strong foundation.

Similarly, keyword research serves as the foundation for a successful SEO campaign for lawyers. It needs to target the right keywords in order to launch a flawless SEO strategy. 

If you want to target any specific location to get clients then you should not forget to include the location name in your main keyword, which is meta title. Example you live in Chicago, therefore you must add it in your content effectively and wisely.

KeywordMonthly Search VolumeKeyword Difficulty
Divorce Consultan1108/100
Divorce Attorney Consultation32020/100
Marriage Lawyer72020/100
Divorce Consultation59023/100
Family Lawyers Chicago18026/100
Marriage Attorney32030/100
Best Divorce Attorney Chicago21034/100
A Lawyer For Divorce11038/100
Marriage Lawyers18040/100

The above keywords are shown to you by using Chicago as an example. 

It’s crucial to consider various keyword variations because while they may seem similar in meaning to humans, Google views them differently, affecting your rankings. 

Therefore, incorporating these different combinations into your content is essential.

But the question is, how can you find such keywords which contain low competition and high search volume? I would suggest you to use google keyword planner or you can go for any paid tool like Semrush and Ahref. 

Note – You can change the geographical location according to the customers you want to target such as NYC, Dallas, Seattle, or Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur etc if you want to go for Indian clients. It’s completely up to you. 

3) Content Writing

Our third step, after identifying the right keywords, is to create high-quality content that aligns with the searcher’s intent and comprehensively covers all relevant topics related to the keyword.

When crafting content for a keyword such as ‘Divorce Lawyer in [specific location],’ it’s crucial to cover every relevant topic associated with the term. 

This comprehensive approach not only helps establish topical authority but also signals to search engines, particularly Google’s EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) guidelines, that the content meets the necessary criteria for ranking. 

By demonstrating expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness, pages can improve their chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

Here is a example of what I am trying to say : 

Main Title – Best Divorce Lawyer In ( location ) 

Topics you should cover in the content : 

  1. Why Divorce Attorney is Essential 
  2. Explaining types of divorce such as – Uncontested, Contested, Faul, and No Fault Divorce. 
  3. How Much Time will it take to finalise the Divorce ?
  4. Property Rights During Divorce 

These types of sub topics must be included in your targeted keyword which you want to rank. These are just some examples which came to my mind, you can surely write better than this as you have deep knowledge about your profession.

Things to Consider When Writing Content For Divorce Clients

  1. At least write more than 1200 words of content for your Divorce Lawyer topic. I know, it might seem a lot for you, but trust me it will be worth it if you actually create a good piece of content. 
  2. Add Images related to your content which should describe how your process actually works.
  3. Never ever try to take help from any kind of AI tool, you must add  the content which you have your own unique knowledge as it will generate the best possible result.
4) On Page SEO For Divorce Lawyers

Moving on to the fourth step of SEO for Divorce Lawyers, it’s optimizing the on-page elements. You might have come across this term before, but if not, it refers to enhancing some of the most crucial areas of a webpage

Things to consider while doing On Page Optimization

  • URL : First thing you need to make sure is how the URL of your page looks like? Suppose if you have created a page for targeting the customers of chicago or mumbai, then this is how it should be like.

   Optimal  URL – Divorce-lawyers-in-Chicago , that’s it. It should be as simple as it can with max 4-5 words. 

  • Title : Second thing you need to tick while doing healthy on page practices, is to write a catchy title including your main primary keyword in it. 

Catchy title doesn’t mean using something which you are not offering or described in your page, instead use terms like #1, TOP, Best, as they tend to get more clicks when your law based website appears on the top.

Here is an example of Meta Title which you can also apply : #1 Divorce Lawyer In ( your location ). Again, keep it precise and short.

  • Keyword Placement :  Remember the keyword which we earlier selected? Now it’s time to add them in our content. 

Your primary keyword should be included in the title of your content, while other related or secondary keywords can be incorporated into various areas of your page.

Some of the important positions which you must add those selected keywords at least once is : 

  • In the starting of your content, typically before the 100 words. 
  • Your H2 header, yes you should not forget to use H2 header along with adding other related keywords to your seed keyword. 
  • In the last 100 words of ending your content.
  • In between, you can add 3-4 times according to your common sense. 

But remember, avoid forcefully incorporating your Divorce Lawyer-related keywords, as it could appear unnatural and potentially lead to penalties from Google for keyword stuffing. Instead, aim to use them in a natural and organic manner within your content. 

  • Adding Image and Using ALT Text

I believe if you add images showing your working in the court or something related to it, trust me it will help you in gaining credibility in google’s eye and visitors as well.

 Remember, if you want to rank your Divorce lawyer website on top, we need to please both google and users. 

The moment you add an image, you will have the option to add ALT text. Simply describe what your image is about, and you are done with optimizing your ALT text.

Healthy example of ALT text for you – Hire the top rated Divorce lawyer. 

  • Internal Linking

Actually, it’s not the website as a whole that ranks on Google, but rather the individual pages within the website. 

Assuming you’ve created multiple service pages for different types of legal services, such as Criminal Law and Real Estate Law, I suggest linking some of the best-performing pages to your new Divorce Lawyer page. 

This way, you can transfer link authority and give the new page an initial boost in search rankings for your Attorney firm.

5) Off Page Optimization For Divorce Attorneys

You may have heard that off-page SEO is the most important factor in achieving top rankings, but is it really? In my experience, a successful SEO strategy does not prioritize any single aspect at the expense of others. 

Instead, equal importance is given to all aspects, including content quality, keyword research, and both on-page and off-page optimization. For optimal results, all of these elements need to be on point.

Back to our main topic, which is how you can apply off page optimization techniques in your Divorce Lawyer SEO campaign.

Backlink : Although there are other minor components of off site seo, but I am assuming you’re not quite familiar with SEO, therefore our major focus will be just to keep things simple for you by acquiring relevant and high quality backlinks for your Divorce Attorney page.

In brief, a backlink refers to a link that another website adds to their web page, directing users to your website. This interlinking between two different websites of the same category enhances connectivity and  boosts SEO efforts

boost your attorney website by off page techniques.

How To Get Them ? 

  • PR – Reach out to online news publications in your city and ask them if they can write an article about your Law firm including a link pointing towards your website. 
  • Directories – Find the local or national level directories where you can list out about your website telling what your work is about. This way, you can leave a link out there. 
  • Guest Post – My personal favourite, find some informational website which writes about legal provisions or law, and ask them if they can give a backlink to your Divorce Lawyer page in exchange for some money. 


You can choose any of the above ways to get the best high quality relevant backlinks for your family and divorce attorney.


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