Learn how can you do seo of a cleaning company.

SEO For House Cleaning Companies : Step By Step Guide

In today’s digital world marketing has become essential in order to grow your business through online visibility, and when it comes to digital marketing there is not better option than SEO.

Search Engine Optimization not only helps you to rank your business website higher but also it sends consistently new customers for your house cleaning companies.

The cleaning business is an essential service that most people require at least once or twice, especially those living in decent-sized homes like 2BHKs (two-bedroom, hall, and kitchen). It’s a recurring need, and customers consistently seek out reliable cleaning companies, preferring not to search for a new one every time.

However, It sounds like you’re facing the challenge of ranking your cleaning services business at the top of Google search results to attract more leads and potential customers.

If you’re facing this challenge, no need to worry—I’ve got you covered. I can help you rank your house cleaning company’s website using our proven SEO techniques that we’ve successfully utilized for the past 8 years.

Learn To Do SEO For House Cleaning Company

There are two main approaches to ranking your website on Google. The first is traditional organic search rankings, where your website’s URL appears in the search results based on relevance and authority.

A guide of SEO for cleaning companies

The second is Local SEO, which focuses on optimizing your cleaning company’s listing to appear in the map pack, particularly relevant for local searches.

If you are confident that you can work on these 2 types of SEO simultaneously by using your resources or by hiring a SEO company, I would high suggest you to go for it. Because when local seo and tradition organic rankings work together, they both helps each other as a complimentary in the google’s eye.

If you’re confident in your ability to manage both types of SEO simultaneously, either through your resources or by hiring an SEO company, I highly recommend doing so. When Local SEO and traditional organic rankings work together, they complement each other in the eyes of Google, ultimately boosting your website’s visibility and credibility.

Now, let’s understand how you can conquer and beat the search competition in your house cleaning industry with the help of organic search rankings and Local SEO.

Tips To Boost Your House Cleaning SEO on Google

1) Enhance Your Website Speed 
I assume that you’ve already posted some content on your house cleaning website. Before proceeding further with optimization, my immediate tip to you is to check your Core Web Vitals score and address any issues if it’s below 80.

The reason why I am strongly emphasizing you is because people expect websites to load quickly, and they’re likely to leave if it takes more than a few seconds. As an experienced SEO expert, you’ve probably encountered many websites with poor page speed scores.

Imagine for a moment, a user lands on your website seeking house cleaning services, only to find it loading too slowly. What do you think they’ll do? They’ll likely move on to another option because, in today’s digital age, users have countless choices at their fingertips.

As the owner of a cleaning company, losing potential customers due to poor website performance is not an option. It’s crucial to prioritize user experience by ensuring your site loads quickly and smoothly.

By optimizing your site’s speed and making it lighter, you not only enhance user satisfaction but also send positive signals to Google. This, in turn, can improve your search engine rankings and ultimately drive more traffic to your site.

2) Focus On Long Tail Keyword

Whether you’re an established house cleaning company in your area or a recently formed startup, it’s always a smart strategy to target long-tail keywords related to your services.

Any keyword which contains more than 3 words while searching any queries on google is considered as long tail keyword. Such as, ‘Window Cleaning Services In New York’.

However, the monthly search volume of this types of keyword would be lower but it gives a much needs push in the initial stage to your cleaning business.

Moreover, this can be very impactful in terms of getting new customers for your cleaning business in whatever area or city you serve but you have to find such types keywords by using any paid tool or google keyword planner.

3) Increase Your Content Length

Most of the time, I notice that business websites don’t include enough content on the pages they’re targeting to rank and attract more traffic. How can you expect Google to prioritize your content if you’re only publishing 500-600 words?

It’s essential to provide detailed descriptions of your services to help visitors understand the range of services and qualities you offer. Not only does this improve user experience, but it also helps Google understand the purpose and relevance of your page.

If you are confused how to increase length of the content for your commercial cleaning company? then you can take a look on the below to get an idea of some topics.

  • Explain in detail about types of cleaning services you provide.
  • Explain what makes your house cleaning company different from others?
  • Write about the areas of a city you serve
  • Tell your customers about the benefits of choosing your cleaning company?

These are some areas on which you should write about 200-300 words for each topic, and you can also add more topics based on the examples I provided above.

4) Optimize Your Title, Headings And URL

Now in order to do on SEO for cleaning company, you’ve got to work on your meta title, all headings including h2, h3, h4, and not to forget the url optimization.

Meta Title  –  Let’s suppose your house cleaning company mainly serves in San Diego then you meta title should include your primary keyword along with the location. example : Best House Cleaning Company In San Diego.

Now, if you examine this title, we’ve incorporated our main seed keyword and included our targeted location, effectively transforming it into a long-tail keyword. As we discussed earlier, targeting long-tail keywords is crucial for maximizing visibility and attracting relevant traffic.

Headings – There is no specific rule when it comes to your headings. But I personally use my secondary keywords in H2 headings and then similar keywords to the primary in H3, H4, and H5.

URL – Never ever try to use URL with more than 4-5 words. I see many people making mistakes when it comes to optimizing URL of the page. It should be clear and short, that’s it. Example would be : “san-diego-house-cleaners”

Having a short URL not only helps Google understand what your content is about but also enhances user experience. If someone searches for your site using a URL, it should ideally be only 3-4 words.

This makes it easier for them to find you without having to remember a longer sentence.

5) Pointing Quality links

One of the most essential factors in SEO for cleaning companies is acquiring high-quality backlinks pointing to your cleaning website. However, it’s crucial to note that this doesn’t mean simply buying a bunch of irrelevant links. Never resort to that tactic.

Most of the time, you’ll naturally acquire organic backlinks to your house cleaning website by publishing high-quality blogs that offer valuable information.

Having a separate blog section on your business site is crucial for driving significant traffic and establishing authority on Google. Through well-crafted blog posts, you can showcase your expertise, thereby attracting more visitors and building credibility within your industry.

Let’s say you’re still not acquiring enough links organically. In that case, you can reach out to other companies within your niche and propose a link exchange, where they link to your website in exchange for some form of compensation.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that these links come from relevant websites within the house cleaning services industry to maximize their effectiveness and maintain credibility.

Local SEO For House Cleaning Company

Now, if you apply all the above tips that I shared, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll see considerable growth on your commercial cleaning website. However, we won’t stop there. We also need to focus another essential way of getting quality leads which doing Local SEO for house cleaners.

1) Create A GMB Profile

The first step to capture your local audience for house cleaning services by Local SEO is to create your profile on google my business. I don’t think I need to tell you about registering. You all that very well.
2) Optimizing Business Name
After registering your profile successfully, you will get a option to enter your business name which will going to appear on the map pack listing to the customers of your local area.
Many business owners make a mistake when selecting the name for their Google My Business listing. I strongly suggest choosing a name that describes your company by smartly incorporating your main keyword and local area.
For instance, a name like “Joseph House Cleaning San Diego” is impactful as it includes the company’s name, the service offered (house cleaning), and the targeted location.
3) Adding NAP
NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. Always remember to add these important things in your GMB profile while doing local SEO for a house cleaning company.
The address of your cleaning company should be precise and clearly mentioned, along with the name and phone number of your firm.
This makes it easier for customers to reach out to you quickly and ensures a smooth experience for users.
4) Getting Positive Reviews 
No matter how well you’ve optimized your website to attract more customers for your commercial cleaning business, it won’t be effective without a good number of positive reviews.
Consider this: when you go to buy anything online, whether from a Google Maps listing or an online shopping platform, the first thing you notice is the reviews, right? Reviews provide valuable insights into the quality and credibility of the seller.
Moreover, from Google’s perspective, positive reviews are a significant ranking factor when it comes to growing your house cleaning website’s visibility in the map pack section.

Therefore, always encourage your customers to leave genuine reviews after you’ve provided your cleaning services. It’s crucial to refrain from posting fake reviews, as Google’s algorithms are far more advanced than we might imagine.

5) Building Citations

Now you might think what is citations? It is basically adding your NAP (name, address, phone numbers) to the other local business listing sites such as Yelp, Just Dial, etc.

This types of sites allows businesses to make a profile on their platform in order to get more potential clients for your cleaning services. While creating your profile on such local directories, you should always leave NAP information of your business.

The reason behind doing so is to help Google learn more about your business through these local directory sites.
When Google consistently sees your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information on multiple citation sites, the authority of your commercial cleaning business increases significantly.


Remember one thing while applying all these tips on your house cleaning website for SEO is, you have to be patience. You are not going to see results in a week or two. It will going to take constant efforts and time of at least 1-2 months to notice some positive changes. Therefore, our guide of Search Engine Optimization for House Cleaning Company comes to end

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