A complete guide of how to do seo for interior desingers.

SEO For Interior Designers : 10 Tips To Boost Your Traffic

One of my good friends, Liam, has recently launched his interior designing business to showcase his skills and earn some money in return..

He has done everything from establishing his offline store to establishing an online presence by creating a website. However, he asked me, ‘Why is no one buying my home decor services through my website?’

 I explained that it’s simply because his customers are not able to find his service. To make that happen, he needs to optimise his website for SEO. 

This will help rank his interior designing services website on top of Google search results. Hence, whenever potential customers search for a home design company, his website will show up

If you’re experiencing a similar challenge, aiming to stand out from the competition in your city’s interior designing business, then SEO could be your ultimate solution. 

Unlike costly Google ads, SEO offers a cost-effective way to promote your business to the right audience. It’s inexpensive yet remarkably effective compared to other digital marketing strategies. 

Although, Doing Search Engine Optimization for interior decor companies is not just these 10 tips which I am going to share with you.

It’s a lot more than this which requires constant efforts, strategy, and expertise. However, if you have decent knowledge about SEO, then I would highly recommend you to follow these 10 steps in order to grow your monthly traffic.

1) Knowing The Market

Let’s suppose you’ve done everything to boost your interior designing sales, from creating a website to optimising it for SEO, but are you sure that people in the area you serve are actually interested in buying these services?

Imagine you’re operating and offering home designing services within a 20km radius of Lincoln City, USA, where only 50-100 people search monthly for such services on Google. In such a scenario, investing in SEO might not seem like a prudent move.

learn seo for home design services

In that case, the best approach would be to conduct market research to identify locations where there is a high demand for interior decor services, with monthly search volumes ranging such as 2000, 3000, 5000 etc.

Therefore, the first step is to analyse how many people are genuinely interested in purchasing your home decor services within your service area.

To determine this, you can use both paid and free tools such as Semrush and Google Keyword Planner to find out the monthly search volume.

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2) Target Keywords Related To Interior Design

My second valuable tip of SEO for interior designers would be to advise them to focus on keywords that include their industry and the services they provide with at least 4 to 5 words. 

If you don’t really know how keywords play a role in determining the rankings of your interior designing website, let me explain briefly.

Keywords are essentially the words or phrases that potential customers type into Google to find home designing services.

For example, if someone searches on Google for ‘top interior designing company in Houston,’ this is the perfect type of keyword that you should target in the meta title and the content of your home decor website. 

add keywords related to your services in title

Many times, business owners make the mistake of not adding the right keyword in their meta title. There is no point in adding a keyword such as ‘we are the best home decor firm’ instead of ‘best home decor company in Houston’.

3) Target Low Competitive Keywords

Now, adding the right keywords from the home design industry isn’t enough. There are thousands of firms vying for the same spot in Google search engine rankings that you’re aiming to acquire.

Therefore, the keywords you choose should not be highly competitive. If you target highly competitive keywords, you’ll encounter difficulties even entering the top 100 rankings of Google.

don't add high keywords difficulty terms in your interior design website

The question now arises: How do you know the competitiveness of a keyword you’re targeting? To find out, one simple way is to use Semrush (it is a paid tool but offers 5 free chances daily) or any other SEO tool.

Enter the keyword, and you’ll get the keyword difficulty metric. Always aim for keywords with the difficulty less than 30 to maximize the chances of achieving positive results.

boost your traffic of interior designing website

Another way to assess the competitiveness of your keyword is to go on Google and paste the keyword. Examine the results Google provides on the first page.

If you see some big websites ranking for that particular keyword, it’s better not to choose it. Trust me, in the initial stage of SEO for interior designer, you should only look for low-competition keywords.

4) Focus On Local SEO For Your Interior Designing Company

  • If you’re not aware of the potential of local SEO, let me share a short story about one of my clients. There was a client who came to Dhruv SEO to optimize his site for local SEO in the dentist industry. 

We implemented every possible best practice on his Google My Business profile, and guess what? He ended up receiving 40-45 leads in just one month. 

Local SEO for a home design business is one of the best strategies you can employ to attract early customers.

How do you implement Local SEO by yourself? Follow these few simple steps and you are good to go. I

 am skipping the part where you have to first create your profile on google my business website, Because I am assuming that you know.

  • Add Interior Designer Category in your GMB Profile : According to hundreds of local SEO experts, most of them agree that adding the right category is the number one ranking factor in a local area. 
local seo for interior design companies

Therefore, go to your Google My Business profile and edit your primary category to “interior designer” if you have not selected it already.

  • Include ‘interior designer’ term in the business name :  Let’s say you are selling your interior decor services in Miami; therefore, your business name should include your niche. This will help both users and Google’s algorithm better understand what you sell.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this detail; it can significantly impact your rankings. If you think it’s a minor aspect, you’re completely mistaken. In fact, it’s the second most essential ranking factor for SEO in interior design companies.

A good example of this would be – Joseph Interior Decors.

A bad example of this would be – Joseph Design Pvt Ltd.

  • Getting Quality Reviews :

    If you are truly serious about growing your home decor website’s traffic, then believe me, always encourage your interior designing customers to leave a review of your service. 

optimize local seo for interior designing services.

Reviews play a significant role in determining the quality and efficiency of the work you’re doing. So, aim to gather as many positive reviews for your home designing website as you can.

5) Upload Blogs on your home design website

I assume you recently started focusing on your interior designing SEO to boost its traffic. However, as a new website, it becomes significantly more difficult to build authority on the Google search engine. 

Remember, Google always prioritizes its users above all else. Therefore, it’s useless to expect an initial boost from Google without establishing trust and authority on the search engine.

To build initial authority for your interior design website, consider adding a new section called ‘Blogs’.

 I’m not suggesting you become a full-time blogger, but uploading quality and informative content on your home decor website can significantly enhance your credibility.

upload blogs on your interior design website

This not only increases customer reviews but also signals to Google that you possess the knowledge necessary to operate an interior design business effectively. Additionally, if your blog articles attract traffic, it’s a bonus.

No matter what happens, make a commitment to upload at least 10 blogs each month related to interior designing questions.

 Once you undertake this task, observe how things start to change. For example, you can write blogs such as ‘Why Interior Designing is Must for Your New House’.

To showcase your expertise, it’s essential to offer free education and knowledge to visitors interested in interior designing services. 

This not only enhances your credibility but is also a crucial component of search engine optimization (SEO) to facilitate business growth. Over time, consistent blog uploads on your website will gradually increase traffic, potentially leading to qualified leads. 

The logic is simple: individuals who read blogs on home renovation or designing are likely interested in purchasing these services.

Therefore, for you as a business owner, you get a valuable opportunity to convert these visitors into potential interior designing customers.

6) Getting Quality Backlinks Interior Decor Websites

If you implement all of the strategies mentioned above on your website, there’s a strong possibility that you won’t witness the desired results.


In 2024, merely acquiring backlinks isn’t sufficient due to Google’s frequent updates, including spam and core updates. With increasingly advanced algorithms, Google can easily detect purchased backlinks, potentially resulting in penalties for interior designing websites.

To address this issue, it’s crucial to prioritize acquiring backlinks from websites that are relevant to your own content or the products/services you offer.

This ensures that the backlinks are contextually relevant and are more likely to provide value to your website in terms of SEO and referral traffic.

If you own an interior designing website and aim to practice white hat SEO, obtaining backlinks from websites similar to your niche is essential.

For instance, acquiring a link from a digital marketing, news, or sports website, regardless of their Domain authority or traffic, is irrelevant and ultimately futile for your website because it does not align with the products or services you offer.

Instead, aim to acquire links from websites related to home remodeling, house design, real estate, and interior decor.

These types of websites are relevant to your interior designing website and are less likely to cause harm or result in penalties from Google.

7) Avoid Thin Content

Another essential aspect to consider when optimizing SEO for interior designing companies is ensuring that you have the right content length.

8th important tip of seo for interior decors

Just take a look at the content length of your competitors and compare it to yours. Often, you’ll find that the businesses ranking at the top have longer word counts, outranking your home design website.

Therefore, you have to either surpass them or at the very least, match the word count of their content. However, it’s crucial to avoid stuffing irrelevant content forcefully, as it can backfire on your SEO campaign.”

Ensure that whatever content you write provides comprehensive information and details about your interior designing services. 

You can include topics such as how your services differentiate from other firms or the additional benefits customers will receive by choosing your company for interior decor services.

8) Keep Your URL Short

Let’s suppose you own a business in Houston and have crafted a perfect page.

You’ve structured the URL of that page as follows: ‘buy-the-best-interior-designing-service-in-houston.’ This is something you shouldn’t do anymore starting today

Always keep it short and simple so that Google can easily understand your page, and it also helps your customers remember the URL.

For example, ‘interior-designer-houston’ is a good format. This makes it easy for customers to revisit your page by simply typing the short URL into their browser. Consider adopting this format for your URLs in the future

9) Make Your Page Faster

Sometimes, you may not even realize that the number of images and other elements working in the backend of your website can significantly slow down your page load times. This is a harmful practice of SEO for interior design.

You can always check up your page speed score on google’s official site and fix all the issues which are holding your website speed performance slow. 

improve core web vitals to boost traffic of interior design website

Oftentimes, uncompressed images, as well as unused CSS and JavaScript, can contribute to slow loading times on your interior designing website.

This can negatively impact your search rankings on Google, as neither site visitors nor Google itself favors pages that take a long time to load.”

10) Analyse The Competitors of your business

Basically every website which is ranking on google where you want to be on the same types of keywords and in the same business industry, it is said to be your competitor. Because you will be fighting with those sites to capture that top position.

Therefore, to get the position where your competitors are currently sitting and closing clients you need to understand what they are actually doing.

You need to analyze the patterns and strategies that helped your competitor secure a first-page position on Google.

This includes identifying the types of keywords they are targeting, their target geographical location, and where they are acquiring backlinks from.

Once you’ve gathered this information, apply similar strategies to enhance your home design site and strive to make it even better than the competitor sitting at the top

Moreover, competition analysis itself is a huge topic which covers multiple areas, therefore it would not be possible for me to explain in detail here, maybe I will cover it in another blog.

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